Hey you! Ahead of the exciting launch of SSO's first collection, there's a bit of research that needs to be done to gage what you, our customer, actually wants! This survey won't take long, promise! Please answer as honestly and in-depth as possible. The responses are confidential and will not be published anywhere. Thank you for your support!
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Full of personality and punch, SSO is a womenswear brand on a mission to reduce further contribution to the incredulous amount of waste that is produced by the fashion industry. Based in the UK, the brand re-uses unwanted resources from sample rooms and fabric suppliers to create playful and eclectic clothing for bold women (and men, if you fancy.)

"The best way to describe us is “your granny’s attic but sexier.” Vintage fashion is our biggest inspiration, SSO makes the old brand spanking new again with design revival and reinvention. We love a bit of touchy-feely fabric and your nan might describe us as 'loud,’ but a little (or a lot) of colour never hurt anyone…"
Let's get to know a bit about you, shall we?

The information you provide will remain confidential and can not be used to identify you.
How old are you? *

What do you do for a living?

Tell us about your interests too if you want to!
What city are you based? And where do you originally come from? *

Tell us about your day to day style! Is there anyone that inspires the way you dress? *

Please be as descriptive as possible, we're trying to build a really good sense of you!
A little bit about the way you shop for clothing...

What do you consider when buying clothes? *

How do you shop or go about getting new clothing? *

Who are you favourite brands and why? *

Tell is about the brands that you shop at but also aspirational brands that you love but don't shop at.
Okay now we want to know how you feel as a customer to brands...

What attracts you to buy from a brand? *

Think about your favourite brands to shop at, and if you aren't really phased by the brand behind the product then please select other and explain why.

Are you open to shopping with start-up and smaller, independent brands? *

If you would never shop at a smaller brand, please select 'other' and explain why!

How important is it for you that brands engage with their customers on a more personal level? *

An example of this would be by offering exclusive discounts and rewards, loyalty cards schemes and invitations to events held by the brand.
Are you interested in creative workshops like clothing customisation and do you wish that more brands offered activities like this? *

It's sustainability hour!

You're almost there, promise!
A predicted 235 million items of Britons’ unwanted clothing are expected to end up in landfill unnecessarily this spring, according to new research.

The Guardian, 2017.
How do you feel about disposable fashion? *

Pick all the ones which best apply to you.

How do you get rid of clothes when you no longer want them? *

If a brand offered a free lifetime guarantee and repair service on their clothing, would you be more inclined to spend more money on the product, knowing that it'd last you all that time?

Time for you to tell us a story!

Think of your favourite piece of clothing, how does it make you feel and what makes it so special? *

What's the oldest item in your wardrobe and what has made you keep it? *

Have you ever had anything passed down to you? What's the importance of this? *

That's it, we've reached the end!

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey. Please share with your friends!

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